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Welcome to MJ Ironwater Acres, located in the Ozarks of south central Missouri, where our primary focus is on New Zealand Kiko meat goats. Kiko goats are a truly amazing meat goat breed. The early development of the breed began in the 1970's by a consoritorium of farmers in New Zealand and the importation to the United States occurred in the mid 1990's. The early developers recognized the many attributes of the Kiko, such as early maturity, high twinning rates, disease and parasite resistance, superior maternal instincts and rapid growth rates, but there is another attribute that I don't think they recognized. Kiko goats often have extended longevity of productivity. Many Kiko does remain productive for 8 to 10 years and some even into their teens.

Kiko goats are aggressive browsers and can be of great benefit to improve pastures and grasslands by ridding them of brush and many invasive weeds that are undesirable to cattle. After two to three years of running goats, often times there will be a noticeable increase in the available grasses preferred by cattle. Cattle and goats do not share the same parasites, so both species may benefit from a rotational grazing system.

The demand for meat goats has stayed high and if you have the available acreage, meat goat production can be a profitable venture. Cattle fencing can be converted to contain goats with the addition of electrical fencing and adding goats to your grazing operation can eliminate much of the need for brush hogging and chemical spraying.

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MJ Ironwater Acres - Kiko Meat Goats

Our registered purebred Kiko goats are parentage qualified and registered exclusively with the American Kiko Goat Association. The AKGA was formed in 1995 when the original imports were brought to the US from New Zealand. The US members of the AKGA purchased the original Kiko registry in 2000. The AKGA is the official registry of Kiko goats, a member owned non-profit corporation and is the largest and most accurate registry for Kiko goats.

When breeders register with newly created for profit registries, they are taking money away from an established Kiko association already involved in both the promotion and research of the Kiko breed and the advancement of the meat goat industry. That money ends up in the hands of a for profit paper goat company, does nothing to further the breed or the meat goat industry and undermines the entire membership of the association and the meat goat industry.

It is important that those interested in the purchase of registered Kikos know that the AKGA is the primary registry for Kiko goats. All other registries accept AKGA registration certificates at face value, however the reverse is not true. It makes sense that if you desire to raise and sell registered Kiko breeding stock, to register with a registry that is accepted universally.

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