Even though the majority of our Kiko does bare the gold seal and New Zealand flag on their pedigree certificates, we prefer to just refer to them as pure Kiko. It is our opinion that the tag of 100% New Zealand Kiko is used by some breeders in today's market as a tool to superior prices for less than superior animals.


Hemp's Girl 36 - Daughter of ELH Blue Boy 1L,

Born, March 2000  and remains a productive doe in our herd.


KMG Angela - Daughter of Sunboy Rotan 150 (Magnum, litter mate to Nick) & Hemp's Girl 36

Born, May 2004 - 6 years old, excellent milker


KMG Daisy Mae - Daughter of JTV Goliath (Goatex Confederate son) & Rolling Hills Donna

Born, April 2003 - supreme maternal instincts


T750 BBM Nadia - Daughter of Sunboy Stanton 149

Born - May 2005


S11 KMG Amethyst & S12 KMG Alaula, Litter mate sisters, daughters of KMG Mr. Cecil Cyclone (son of JTV Stacy, aka "Elvis") & Rainbow's Midge P27 (daughter of Sunboy Rotan 150 (litter mate to "Nick") & TAY 009)

Born - May 2004 - lots of depth, meaty does with excellent maternals


V75 KMG Lotus

V76 KMG Lottie

Lottie & Lotus are littermate sisters, - Born - March 2006, Daughters of KMG Confederate (son of JTV Goliath, grandson of Goatex Confederate) and Waysu Goliath's Dreamer (a Goatex Goliath daughter)


JFK Ambitious One - Granddaughter of Goldmine III & Tasman Aristocrat

Born - March 2006 - This girl's got it all!


MMG 232 -  Daughter of Boulder Hills P19 & JFK Emily's Try

Born - April 2007


7060 AVG Bonnie - Granddaughter of Lover Boy, daughter of TNT Dutch & RIB Popcorn

Born - March 2007

Lady Luck - granddaughter of Eastex James Bond & Sunboy Waco 139 (Lightin), daughter of Boulder Hill's 81 & MGR Lightin's Lady P21

Born - April 2008




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