MGR Titan's RC - son of Titan, double linebred grandson of Lightin

100% NZ Kiko - DNA Parentage Verified

Ruble Conatser's Sunboy Waco 139 (Lightin) has sired more Kiko and Kiko crosses that either placed first in average daily gain on a performance test or placed in the top 20% of the bucks tested, than any other buck in the history of the Kiko breed. LightinsÂ’ son Titan, set a record at the Fort Valley, GA Buck Performance test and the following year he sired Hammer, who beat his own sires ADG to set the record even higher. HammerÂ’s record for ADG is .63 pounds, however during the second 28 day weigh period on the test, Hammer gained a phenomenal .91pounds per day. 



MGR Hammers Mountain

100% NZ Kiko - DNA Parentage Verified


Hammers Mountain is a son of Hammer, grandson of Titan, great-grandson of Lightin.


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